About Us

Geographic Data & Management Solutions (GDMS)


GDMS was established to provide complete geographic information systems (GIS) solutions. GDMS has provided GIS and CAD solutions to its clients for over 22 years. We provide the hardware, software and consulting services necessary to develop an effective GIS. We have the necessary resources and expertise to aid our clients with the establishment and maintenance of these systems. Our goal is to ensure that our clients obtain the maximum benefits possible from their GIS and facility management systems.


A Geographic Information System aids in the visualization of data, mapping and in the decision-making process. Nothing places data in perspective quite like seeing it displayed on a map. Since over 85% of data has a geographic element, resources are available to access the information you need.


GDMS can help you unleash the power of geography by combining your data with maps to create colorful, information-rich pictures. You'll be making smarter decisions in less time than you could ever have imagined.


Before launching into GIS technology, it is extremely important that users carefully consider and plan for their needs before embarking on system acquisition, application and database development. Laying a good foundation from the beginning will lead to a successful start as well as potential for future development. Our consulting staff will thoroughly assess each client's needs to support the design of efficient databases, applications, and systems to meet those needs.


GDMS is your resource for GIS and CAD knowledge. We provide the necessary hardware, software, consulting, training and technical support to help our clients be successful. We support the complete GIS life cycle, including implementation planning, system integration, database development, application development and system operation.


GIS startup services include:

•User Needs Assessment

•Data Evaluation

•Requirements Analysis

•Institutional Planning

•Cost/Benefit Analysis


System design strategies involve:

•System Design & Engineering

•Conceptual Database Design

•Physical Database Design

•Application System Design

•Hardware Configuration


Consulting and programming services:

•Data Procurement and Automation

•Procedures Development

•Pilot Application Studies/Projects

•Custom Application Development

•Project and Technical Management


For clients looking for a headache-free system, we can integrate the hardware and software for a complete turnkey solution. We also offer configuration optimization, customer application development and consulting services.


GDMS is a value-added reseller for Autodesk products. With each purchase from GDMS our valued clients receive a complementary technical phone support certificate. We offer technical support programs for on-site and phone support. We also offer phone-support on a per-phone-call basis. Our professional trained staff can help you immediately with your support needs and keep you productive with minimum down time.


To help our clients maximize their GIS and CAD productivity, we offer two types of training, certified and custom-tailored. These courses are instructed by our professional trained and certified personnel.


We operate a modern facility with the latest state-of-the-art engineering and surveying equipment, including CADD workstations, scanners, and plotters. This allows us to work together as a team sharing the data and projects to maintain the utmost efficiency.


We have made extensive use of COGO, optical scanning, raster to vector conversion and digitizing technologies to automate paper maps. We apply stringent quality assurance standards to all our GIS database development projects.


GDMS' professional staff is ready and capable of handling any type of project. Our technical experts look forward to working together with your organization to utilize the latest technology and unlock the full potential of your systems. Please contact us today!


GDMS  |  42140 10th Street West, Lancaster, CA 93534  |  Phone: (661) 949-1025  |  gdms@gdms-1.com