Asset Management

Consulting Services

Technical Support

At GDMS, we specialize in asset management and asset collection. Our focus is to collect all important information to create a database for you that will streamline operations as well as allow for a better range of  more efficient asset management capabilities. The assets are capable of being viewed and worked with through a variety of mediums (desktop, tablet, and mobile) so nothing is never out of reach!


Asset Services:

  • Multiple System Integration
  • Field Asset Collection
  • Database Design
  • Process Automation
  • Base Map Creation
  • Custom Application Development


Solution Offerings:

  • Asset Tracking
    • Link to as-builts, manuals, attributes
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Subsurface Infrastructure
  • Emergency Response
  • Graffiti Tracking
  • School Boundaries

GIS Startup Services

  • User needs assessment
  • Data evaluation
  • Requirement analysis
  • Institutional planning
  • Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Pilot application studies/projects


System Design Strategies

  • System design and engineering
  • Conceptual database design
  • Physical database design
  • Application design

Training and Workflow Development

  • Evaluate workflows
  • Develop & recommend alternatives
  • Develop training needs
  • Customized training manuals/courses
  • Training page linked here


Consulting and Programming

  • Data procurement and automation
  • Procedures and development
  • Custom application development
  • Project and technical management
  • Field data capture
  • Paper map conversion

GDMS Technical Support is offered in order to aid in our clients in placing themselves in the best possible position to succeed. This is a great supplemental service to any asset management or Autodesk software as it allows the maximization of the capabilities that are offered through the products and/or services provided either by GDMS or Autodesk. Our professional staff is dedicated to making your experience tailor-made to fit your needs in the best possible manner.


GDMS Tech Support includes the following options:


  • On-Site (Rent-a-Tech)
  • Phone
  • Yearly Contracts


For more information, please visit our "Support" page which is linked here

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