CityWide GIS

GDMS has developed a municipal browser application that delivers database information and maps seamlessly over the City's Intranet or the Internet.  Multiple users can access the information simultaneously through any standard we browser.


The mapping system will allow for retrieval of information based on property attributes such as APN, address, owner name or graphic selection; and also will serve as a foundation for locating and delivering many other types of data.  Providing easy access to this data from any City desktop reduces the time and cost to delivering products and services to the public.


The application is server based so only a single server and software installation is required to serve many purposes and users.



• Search by parcel number, asset id, address, etc.

• Link to Assessor website with sale & property data

• Property notification by distance

• Display utility & infrastructure assets

• Display Google StreetView

• Display Google Aerial & Street Map as backgrounds


Emergency Management

• Evacuation plan/map

• Utility shut-off locations (building and main services)

• Generator types locations & procedures


Facilities & Maintenance

• Building

• Underground utility infrastructure locations and information

• Maintenance locations for sewer clean-out, storm drains, air conditioners, etc.

• Link to work order systems and create a graphical/visual representation

• Historic records and inventory of facilities

• Link to and view as-built plans tied to objects/facilities on the map

• Aid staff, Architect/Engineers and with the design of new or review of existing facilities or modernizations

• Avoid conflicts with existing underground utilities

• Provide inventories of valves, hydrants, air conditioners, etc.


Document Management

• Link documents such as as-builts, pictures, or documentation to map features


Project Management

• Capital Improvement tracking and documents

• View detail reports



• City/County

• Zoning / landuse

• Special districts



• APN, owner, asset ID, etc.

• Property notification, mailing lists, and

  radius maps

• Detailed asset reports & linked documents

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